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New Profile Posts

  1. nathan
    wiring a 89 fox with 03 cobra
  2. Rocky15
    Never mind
  3. Rocky15
    Can anyone tell me how to get your pics posted on here?
  4. Rocky15
    Still in parts collection mode! Some work has been started so if i can figure this computer stuff out, I'll post some pics.
  5. thomas
    Hello tommy here with the ole 87 /96 4v
  6. thomas
    I've been lost for awhile on an issue I've been having with my 87 /96 4v it blows out white smoke when and only when I get on it.
  7. thomas
    Thank you for adding me to the form 1st one ever so I'll be very slow I'm sure.
  8. 1984MuleLx
    1984MuleLx lx_90_coupe
    Do you still have the 99 intake for sale
  9. George Rose
    George Rose EvinH
  10. Rougemort
    Hello modular fox mustangs!
  11. surefootedpony
    My 1989 Coupe, Colorado SSP, Mini tub, full cage, 4.6 sohc, 3650, built 8.8 33 spline auburn posi.
  12. bruce L
    bruce L cpearson1342
    You are close I am in Rockland any way I can pick your brain I got the tune put in the ECU for stock and had pats disabled thru a sct tuner now car does nothing think I need to go thru all the wireing and make sure all sensors that it needs to run are working call or text 914 806 2303 thanks
  13. vxl3fasst
    got my fox back in the garage stock k member coming out in the morning.
  14. Bill
    Bill CabernetFox
    Haven't seen you in a while. How goes the build?
  15. undesputedking
    undesputedking myers407
  16. 69crewcab
    Love my Old Fords, Especially the Galaxie Wagons (country sedans) Swapping in a 4.6 DOHC and 5 spd currently
  17. modulistic
    modulistic myers407
    hi, did you ever get a write up for the dash swap? I am about to start installing the interior into my fox and would like to see if you have any pics of what you mentioned needs to be cut off the framing.
  18. 84ttopcoupe
    Come And Take It!
  19. Mase Cooper
    Mase Cooper Bill
    Hey Bill, I saw a fuel system post in regards to getting the fuel system from a donor car. I like this option too, but it seems like everyone discourages this. I am not a big fan of the braided hoses and such, I like more of an OEM look....I am doing a Coyote and have access to a few newer donor cars, what year cars use the fuel system adaptable to the Coyote? I know where several decent 2005-2009 cars are...
    1. Bill
      Pretty much anything you get you will have to adapt a bit to the fox chassis. The under carriage on the S197 is different than the fox, so the fuel lines would require some rebending but would be worth it if that is what you have access to. If you can get the lines from an 05/09, I say go for it. A hand bender is cheap and it would give you factory reliability, which I personally think is important.
      Mar 20, 2015
  20. Auto-Mafia