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98 Cobra wiring harness, Distributor Drive setup.

Discussion in 'Modular Conversion Parts For Sale' started by vabeachsand, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. vabeachsand

    vabeachsand Hell yea I street Race! Donator

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    I have a complete body and engine harness out of a 98 cobra. I tested continuity on all pins and re wrapped the entire harness with 3M tape.

    $350 shipped for all the wiring.

    I also have a MMR Distributor drive setup with a new MSD Cap and rotor for those wanting to run a carb intake with C heads and megasquirt

    $600 shipped with valve covers, distributor, new wires, and cap.
  2. Harry Montgomery

    Harry Montgomery Member

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    good price for this

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