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Car turns off while running

Discussion in '1979-1993 4.6L Conversion' started by benstein IBC, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. benstein IBC

    benstein IBC Member

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    I did a 96 cobra swap into a foxbody.
    Everything from the cobra went into the fox but did keep the stock foxbody dash and steering column.
    Problem is I can drive it down the street, for about 3blocks the the car shuts off. I am able to start the car right up. Any suggestions what is causing this? Do I need to get it tuned? Cobra was a running car when I swapped it.
  2. Bill

    Bill Well-Known Member Staff Member Donator

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    I had one that used to do that. Mine was caused by a faulty fuel pump safety switch. I'd hit a bump and it would shut off, but not be fully triggered. I could start the car right up, which made finding in a real problem. As you might expect, diagnostics by forum is not an easy task. Assuming you installed the OBD port, you might try plugging it in to see what the soft codes are.

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