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Hi guys, noobie here.


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Welcome to the party. The R&C front end is one of my favorites for that type of build. It really does make the bolt in portion of the build go much easier. You donor will make a great protouring combination with the 65. We have a number of non-Fox builds on here and yours will fit right in. Start a build thread and make yourself at home. I'm looking forward to watching your build.


Have 1965 mustang fastback, and 04 terminator wrecked. Plan is to swap engine and transmission. Already have rod and custom front end with no shock towers. Going for the protouring look. Great site.
nice, have done a couple mustangs and a fairlane with the heidts kit. but retained a 289 in the two mustangs and the 390 in the failane


oil pan fitment can also be a little tricky with the mustang II front ends. the crossmember is almost like its designed for chevy 350 even for the ford cars