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timing chain assembly


Active Member
Does anyone have instructions on how to reinstall the timing chain and crank shaft sprockets? Motor is a 97 Mark VIII, pics would be best, cant really find anything good on search. I marked the cam sprockets and where the chain was on both sides but forgot to take pics or mark the bottom. I reassembled the timing cover and it spun freely and then when I torqued down the harmonic balancer/crank pulley, theres a binding I can hear on the bottom sprockets.
Thanks for any help,


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I pulled the timing cover off and upon inspection, it looks like its the timing chain for the right side of the motor thats doing the binding. Im not entirely sure what it is at the moment but there are marks on the outside of the chain from where it was binding. This only happened when the balancer was torqued down, the left side appears to be fine.


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Could it be a bad tensioner or guide? It is tough to diagnose remotely, but both/either can cause one side to bind.