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'04 E350 4.6 into '87 LX


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Hi all,
I'm still not yet sold on the necessity of the K-member swap, but I'm planning on buying a new oilpan for a '98 GT, and DNA shorties. My '87 was a 2.3L T5, my donor has the 4R70W. What I want to ask is about a tube/screen to match the new oilpan? rockauto.com doesn't list one, I may have to mod the van part.
The car has a 3.45:1, with a whine, I'll probably try a new crush sleeve, pinion seal, pinion nut, cover gasket, and lube before hunting an 8.8, to help me decide what ratio I want in the 8.8. The van has a 3.55:1 8.8 with a 31-spline Traction-Lok I rebuilt last year using the FMS M-kit. I know the van axle won't work, but the gears and Traction-Lok could.
My '87 is a red hatchback on mismatched 14s, GT taillights, generally ugly.
I'll be reading for any threads where the fox K was tried, if you have a link please post it.
As much as I do want the Cobra 13" front brakes, That'll have to wait until the car can be driven under its own power again. For commuting to work, the 2.3 brakes can suffice for a few months. I'm not eager to try making them work with the '96-'04 K.
Please help, because if I get a lot of naysaying I'll just go ahead and try it my way without returning to this forum.


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Welcome to the site. Make yourself at home. It sounds like you are on a tight budget for the initial build, which is not new to most of us. There are a couple of threads on here that used the Fox Kmember. It does require a bit of mount pad fabrication, but can be done. I have always used an sn95 Kmember, as they are cheap. If you decide to go that route, you Fox suspension will bolt up to it. The geometry might be a little harder to align, but there are people running the sn95 Kmember and fox suspension, so I know it can be done. You Fox power brake booster will not physically fit with the Mod motor. You'll need the hydroboost from a sn95. It is a pretty easy installation. The one from van will also not fit. I honestly don't know how the wiring will work from the van. I used a long block once from an E150, but changed almost everything on the engine over the Mustang parts. Start a build thread and post some pics.