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1997 4.6 2v edis coil firing order megasquirt ecu


Hi all, does anyone know the spark plug wiring for a 1996 mustang gt? I found the layout on Google but when I try to fire it up it coughs through the intake and even seems like the firing order is off.

I am running the edis 8 module and wired it in so the megasquirt controls timing but I have spark without the ecm, so it would be at 10 degrees of timing similar to limp home mode.

Any help would be appreciated, I don't have my ecm as it's out getting modded to run the pwm iac valve. Thanks all.


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The forum is not dead. You just asked a question that no one wants to take on. Pretty much any builder on here could tell you the spark plug wiring for a '96 4.6. As you said, Google or any other site can do the same. There is virtually no way anyone on here can help you diagnose your issues with the information you gave us. EDIS wiring and processes are complex. Besides looking on Google, what have you done to help yourself? You are asking builders to invest their limited time in a problem, so you need to make it interesting for them. Since the vast majority of the traffic we get to the forum is centered around Fox upgrade to Mod-motor, we have all had electrical gremlins. Feel free to go into great detail about what you have done. Post pictures, part numbers, etc. to solicit assistance. If you into detail, someone here might take an interest. If not, this site is a recourse and meeting place for like-minded people. They are not at anyone's beckon. They are no employees. If they choose to answer, answers come at their convenience. If they choose not to answer, well life happens without apology. If you find the answer through another website, feel free to update this thread if you feel up to sharing your new knowledge. I'm sure the update will help someone at a future time.