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1997 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC 4.6DOHC Intake


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For our Intake we found one off a 1997 Linconl Mark VIII LSC this one sits better than the 1995 Mark VIII that has the throttle body in the back. And it somewhat looks like a 01 Cobra Intake...


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[quote author=lsvtech918 link=topic=98.msg410#msg410 date=1239794316]
Do the stock fox gas and clutch cables swap between engines???

We used the mark stuff and they worked...


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[quote author=autosay97 link=topic=98.msg624#msg624 date=1246900775]
Do you think the older style mark intake throttle cable will work on the 96-98 cobra intakes?

Ours worked I will try and get pics up. How we did it...


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I ended up picking up a throttle cable of a cougar which will work fine it just has about 4" too much length to it, I still would like to see a pic of the mark cable.