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1998 Cobra Value


Well-Known Member
So, I may have found a decent donor car for my swap. It is a 1998 Cobra with 74k miles on it. It was in a accident (Hit in the rear quarter, driver door, and front bumper) and from what the current owner says, it runs great. I'm looking at using most of the car for my swap.

I was curious what everyone thought it would be worth considering it runs and drives?


Well-Known Member
Staff member
I know my location limited me on a donor car, there is not a lot of wrecked cobra's here and if they are even remotely fixable they want a high price. So depends on the location of your donor, if it runs and drives 2500 or so maybe a little less. I found one just a couple miles from me that was wrecked then fixed needed paint and the boy wanted 2500 for it. I was about to rip his arm off for it but the title was a little iffy so I backed out of the deal.


Well-Known Member
I'm still on the hunt for something. I'd really like to find a Cobra so I can use the complete drivetrain, harness, brakes, and computer.


New Member
if I remember correctly the aviator motor has about as much flow as termi heads. that is definitely an option.