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2001 Mustang GT to 2007 GT500 swap


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Hello fellow swappers,

I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for my kind of swap since I have not had a fox body stang since 1985 the last of the 5.0 4bbrl carb cars. I tried the 86 but it lacked the power of the 85 and I grew tired of it quickly. Wife and kids started showing up around that time and the mustang was no longer practical. So we fast fwd a couple of decades a career some grow children and now I am looking for things to do. A coworker of mine had this 04 cobra and it was rather built. He was talking about his car and how powerful it was and I was kinda interested in what the fuss was all about. Now remember I have been out of the pony cars for over 2 decades so I have no idea what SVT was all about TODAY! I go for a ride with him and we are out just cruising and he hits it. I feel like my body had been throw in the back seat of this thing. That's all it took I knew I needed to return to my roots. I did not want to just buy a car and drive I want to buy and BUILD!

I decided to buy a very very low mileage 2001 GT and the begin to look for a cobra motor 03/04. I looked high and low for months and months and could never find one that had not already been molested. One day just by chance I came across a 99 cobra engine with zero miles on and said to myself WTF its not what I really wanted but it is a brand new motor and I have never done one of these so let this be the trial and error stage. Well I did and drove that engine for about 4000 miles. It was great but not what I was really after. I wanted that throw you in the back seat kind of feeling so I went in search of anyone who had done a GT500 swap. This swap was almost taboo as there was very little info out there on it. I finally found someone that did but it looked like he had to fab up so much that it was not worth it to me. Then one day I found this guy up in Canada that had done the swap and posted a utube of the engine running in his 2000 GT. It took some searching and asking on forums but I found him on Modularfords.com screen name silverhellion. I found that the build was intense but no fabrication was needed just time and patience so I started my journey. I will be posting some photos and video of the build. I wanted to it all at once but my photos are all locked in my phone. So the easy way to do this is to just direct you to the page itself as I have everything there from start to finish. It has all the ups and downs the headaches and the victories. Its a monster of a project but rewarding too. I hope you all enjoy the journey http://www.modularfords.com/threads/211674-Shelby-gt500-engine-in-2001-mustang-gt
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