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2003 gt into 1983 gt


New Member
Ok ladies and gents. Im 26. I am not new to mustangs or foxbodies. I am however newish to full blown drivetrain swaps. I think i am doing pretty well so far. Right now i have a bad title 03 gt vert fully loaded and a good title ttop 4eye 83 gt with no ac and manual everything. Im putting everything... EVERYTHING... i can manage into the fox. So heres the setup. 321bhp 4.6 sohc tr3650 8.8 3.27 combo dynoed at stl mustang hq in leadington mo. Pro 5.0 short throw, Kooks 1 3/4 to 3 inch long tubes, kooks catless 3in xpipe, 75mm acufab tb, generic vehicle specific cai, egr delete, oil catch can, aje tubular k w/ spring cups, qa1 bump steer rod ends, tokio blues, ford performance b springs, poly isos, toyo proxy 4+s, hot plugs and coils, etc

So far the rear end is mounted and both cars are stripped. I wanna use the dash, seats, carpet, suspension, drivetrain, brakes and anything else i can. Im deleting the rear seats.

I have a stifflers tr3650 to 83 year range fox crossmember and the 79-04 k from aje so this should solve mounting. Ive got suspension handled. Ive got seat mounting and carpets matched up. I know i need the steering bearing mounting plate to retain 03 rack shaft and column but am having trouble finding complete info on that for mock up and install of steering and hydro- booster. Lots of dead links and missing pages.

I know the aarms and tie rods may be too long but would a set of 4 bolt cc plates be able to readjust for the natural camber this will add?

Im also having trouble determining what all needs to be modified on the dash and on the blower box and where exactly i need to modify mounts for frame and where i need to drill and cut for ac lines on the firewall etc.

Should i expect any clearance issues?
Do you have any major tips i can use? Or minor ones?

Will i be ok to use my 03 fuel tank, pump, lines? They are return style i believe after 98.

Is there anywhere that sells the steering bearing mount plate new?

Can i use the 03 complete pedal assembly or will i need to modify or buy the pedal conversion kit?

Should i use dynomat or another brand for sound deadening and added insulation?

I also have a wap block from a 2v mountaineer. If im correct it has a 9.3:1 compression. Would the stock internals of the wap with the added benefit of boss 302 oem rods and arp bolts be able to handle some decent power gains or should i focus on a forged crank and pistons as well as the rods and arps studs before i install that block? This portion was put up here because i know you all have soem good experience with mod building.

Sorry for all the questions. Ive tired out the search functions of this site stang net corral facebook groups and google and so much more. Thanks in advance guys.