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2006 Mustang GT (Misc Wiring)


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Thanks to ModFox for sending these in..

2066 Mustang GT (MISC. Wiring Info)



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Hi I hope you can help me out with this. What i have is a 05-06 mustang drive train that i am putting in my ranger pickup. I have got a lot of the wiring mocked up using the factory harness. Power and ground is hooked up and i am trying to flash the PCM with one of your handhelds to get rid of the PATS on it. I had a local shop program the handheld for me. I have re pined the factory ranger OBD2 port to match a 05-06 mustang. My handheld powers up when it is plugged in. I select the custom tune and follow the key on and off procedures. When get to the final key on before is starts the tune it just sits there for a while and then fails. Fails the unlock, the tune and says no tune changed. some looking on the internet lead me to check if i have the 18v going to the computer form the OBD2 port from the Violet wire for the FEPS. With the battery charger on i have about 17.6 volts. I have gone over my power (pin 35,36) and grounds ( 10,47,48,49,50) again, and my hot at all times wires (pin 45). So unless i missed one im not sure what else i would need. This is all set up without any of the other factory moduels that are in the 05-06 mustangs. Would that make any difference? I had asked the shop that tuned the programmer for me if i needed to have all that stuff and he said no. All i needed was access to that FEPS wire. But if that is the case then why can't these computers be bench programmed like i have been reading and told. Is there a wire that you could give me that i might have missed or one that i could have hooked up that i am not supposed to? Am i wrong thinking that what i have here will work? Thanks.


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Yea i did get it to flash. It ended up being that i had the OBD2 port wiring wrong. I never got the motor to run off that harness. i just ran stuck. Ended up buying a ron fransis wire kit that i had wired up and it still did not work i think i ended up burning up the computer. i only recently figured that out by sending it in and getting tested.