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87 notch cobra swap

Jit singh

New Member
Been trying to figure this all out and came across this site so hopefully I can finally get the answers I need I have a 87 notch 5 manual 4cyl I was planning on doing the usual 5.0 drop in but I managed to get my hands on a COMPLETE 99 cobra and I mean complete every last part is there what do I need to do to take everything from the cobra and put it on the fox what can I not use and I would like to keep the fox interior a fox don’t really want to put anything interior from the cobra into the fox any help would be appreciated I’ve heard I need a k member but then heard I can use a sn95 k member and I also heard I can’t use the T45 but that’s from people trying to bolt it to a 5.0 since I have the complete cobra could I not use the t45? When responding please remember I have a COMPLETE cobra donor car thanks!


Well-Known Member
Staff member
Hi and welcome to the part. You are in the right place, so start a build thread and make yourself at home. Your 99 Cobra has virtually everything you need to do the swap. The k-member in the Cobra is perfect. The rear lower bolt pad will need to be shortened just a bit on both sides and will then bolt up beautifully. You can use the T-45 from the Cobra and have a couple of choices for crossmembers. I recommend you use the factory Cobra crossmember. Once you drop it out, the brackets that are welded to the Cobra chassis need to be removed and installed on the 87. That will make your tranny sit in the right spot for that IRS. The brackets are best welded on, but I have seen them successfully bolted on as well. The IRS is an awesome install and relatively easy to do. The hardest part from my perspective is making the Fox dash work, but there are several people on here that have done that, so I'm sure they can help with wiring. I used a 99 Cobra as a donor car on my first build. I had help with the wiring, so can't answer many questions about that, but can tell you about bolting all the rest of it together.