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97 rear into fox?


Does anyone on here have a write up on swapping a 96-98 rear into a fox body?? I've heard about e brake cables and obviously the rear is a touch wider but, whats the magic number on backspacing for wheels?? Forgive me if I missed the thread...


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Don't worry about missing the thread. There are several on here about the ebrake, as there are several different ways to do it. Mostly, the rear bolts right in. There is also no magic number on the back spacing. There are lots of wheel/tire combinations that will work. If your donor car has wheels on it, they will like work for starters on your Fox. It is true that it is wider. The details of that are on here in several places.

E-brake (one way to do it):

Have fun with it and post lots of pictures


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We use e-brake cables made for a ford windstar (I believe) and use two of the same side, but you have to but the cable and swage on a new 1/8" terminal. Very cost efficient and then is fitted to your car, but if you don't have a swaging tool, you would need to buy or borrow one. I'll have to see if I can find the part number for the parking brake cables though, since the outside sleeve is the perfect length.




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I put a sn95 rear axle in mine. It bolted right into place. As far as rims, I used sn95 saleens (stock backspacing for sn95's), my rear rim is an 18" with a 275 tire, rolled fenders and for springs they are eibach sportlines, so it is quite a drop, no rubbing or touching. For the ebrake, latemodel restoration has a hookup so you can run the sn95 axle with the stock parking brake, its really simple to hook up and fits perfectly. Hope this helps.