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Accufab TB idle issue


Active Member
Hi guys, I'm looking for a bit of help with my TB issue. I purchased a Accufab oval TB for my car and since bolted on, I've had nothing but idle & drive ability issues. I unplugged my car battery, installed the TB, set TPS voltage to .98, re connected the battery, started the car and have driven it for a few days so the ecu learns the new idle characteristics of the TB. Well the idle hangs around 1300 at idle, and when I'm driving the car and come to a stop at a light or so, the car dies if I don't keep the idle up. Has anyone delt with this issue before, and or have a remedy ? I'm about ready to put the stock one back on and get rid of the Accufab. This is quite frustrating !


Well-Known Member
you running the big oval or the twin? Mines not as bad but I have issues with the Accufab Twin TB. I have to blip my throttle to get it to come back down often. Annoying.