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Badly in need of Fox Body Mustang for conversion.


Hi fellow Mustang lovers!

I had posted a few introductory messages after thinking I had found the perfect project car for myself. Unfortunately, when I had gotten the money together for the gentleman, he backed out on the deal because he had been offered an extra $500 by another interested party. Since a buddy of mine and myself were going in on the deal together since he owns a house and we would have been able to store the car there and do all the work we needed to in his garage (not to mention we were putting money away to purchase some tools in addition to a lift to work on this conversion together - meant to be a summer project), we would have been able to easily meet the extra $500 put on top of the $2k price tag the gentleman had posted it for. He stated he had made a deal with the other gentleman - I suppose forgetting about the deal he had made with my friend and I - and that was that... I don't blame him, but it still left a bad taste in my mouth.

Anyhow, I am in Aurora, CO, and we have quite a few Fox Body Mustangs for sale in our area; however, none of them are priced at the correct point where I could simply pay cash and then go right into a 4V conversion. Therefore, I thought I would bring this quandary I am facing to you good folks who obviously know much more than I do about these things and what could be done. My dream Mustang Fox has always been the four-eyed notches... However, I really love the '82-'86 GTs as well... I simply love the look of those early GTs and I thought maybe looking for an '86, given that was the year I was born, would be a match made in heaven... I simply cannot find one. Most of the Fox Body Mustangs I can find are post-86 styles and I am just trying to find a nice, driving, example that I can eventually make my dream car (doing the 5 lug conversion, subframe connectors, suspension modifications including upper & lower control arms, and of course the beautiful 4V conversion along with Tremec T56 [possibly magnum?] transmission I've been drooling over since the '03 Cobra first came out). Does anyone have an idea of a good place to look for these vehicles? I am willing to ship if necessary, I would just need to pay someone to take a look at it since I would like to have a driving vehicle that can get me back and forth to work if I have to sell my current vehicle to afford it. Thank you all so much, and I really didn't know where else to go so thanks very much for any help you could offer or any advice you could offer as well, my friends!

Eric C.