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Couple swap questions


New Member
I have an 87' GT that I've pulled the drivetrain from and am going to do a 4.6 2v swap. So far for the drivetrain, I've acquired a T-45 from a 99' GT and an engine wiring harness from a 99' GT. Aside from the ECU harness, are there any other harnesses I need? Is there a difference between an MT and AT ECU harness? Is there a specific year ECU I should look for?
Is the easiest way to go about the fuel system, to just swap some 96-98 fuel rails and keep my fox body fuel system in place?
I left the body harness in place in my fox body. It sounds like the easiest way to make this work, is to make the 4.6 harness a stand alone system with a few splices into the fox body harness for power, ground, etc... is that correct? Also since I'll be leaving all the fox stuff in, when it comes to PATS, do I just get a handheld tuner that has a tune built in it with PATS turned off?


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Staff member
Welcome to the party. Dig in and make yourself at home. Start a build thread so we can all follow :) I would recommend you source all of your electronics from the same year donor. It makes chasing gremlins much easier. All of your answers are on this site, including wiring diagrams. There are multiple ways to do virtually everything and many of them are shown here in the build threads. For my personal builds, I have used the entire fuel system from the donor car. You can use the Fox system. I think there are a couple of threads on here that show that. I look forward to seeing your build.