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just purchased a mark viii engine


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I just purchased a junkyard mark viii engine from the junkyard. Its a complete engine with all wiring and accessories. It looked good from everything I could see while it was sitting in the car. I plan on doing cams, long tubes and a 96-98 cobra intake manifold on it. What should I do to check to make sure the the engine is good? Do I pull the heads and remove the timing cover on it? What have you guys done to make sure that its good?


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There are lots of ways to skin that cat. I don't generally pull the heads unless I have to. Pull the plugs and inspect them. If you have a stand, you can flip the engine upside down (after draining it). Pull the pan, check all the bores and bearings. Make sure it turns freely and check each bearing as it turns for play. Pull the timing cover and valve covers to check cams/cam bearings, chains, sprockets, tensioners, and guides. When you pull the oil filter, cut the housing open with a pair of snips (not a grinding wheel) and check the folds of the filter for metal particulate. If there is a lot, you need to figure out where it came from. If not, keep going. If you do actually choose to do cams, part of that inspection is mute anyway, as you will put new stuff in. If you have to get into the long block, you might as well do rings/bearings/gaskets for the entire engine. By the time you have the chains and cams off, you are almost there anyway. What kind of shape was the donor car in and how many miles?


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Thanks for all the advice, it was hit in the rear and totaled. 125k miles on it, I pulled the valve covers today and it looks pretty good so far


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I thought i recognized the screen name
cool good to see you here
that was a long time ago
Always wondered what happened to everyone on there
were some cool guys and cool builds