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M122 on 4.6 4v


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anyone ever swap an M122 from gt5oo onto 4.6 4v?? The power potential would be awesome, more efficient, reliable, easy maintenance. I'm sure some fab work is needed. Not to mention they are relatively cheap.


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I dont think Ive seen that done, most people just swap an eaton from a cobra, port and pulley swap and your right at 500rwhp, these are relatively cheap to do, $1200 if you piece it all together.


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$1200 HAHAHA, umm yeah no. Its expensive, especially if you piece it. I did the swap on my car. The piece are hard to find.

James Hell from cobra Engineering makes a M122 swap kit. It makes about 30-40 more WHP and similar boost levels. The M122 doesn't fall off on the top end like the Easton does.



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My experience for an M112...you can get a "complete" conversion setup for between $3000 and $4000 if you buy it from a single salvage dealer. You can piece one together to meet your needs a bit cheaper than that, depending on what you want to buy new vs. used. All of the big parts, and most of the little parts are available separately on ebay. There are several parts web sites that can also be useful if you are patient and willing to call around. It is the little pieces that add up to a lot of money. The intercooler/heat exchanger pump and bracket, the coolant adapter, oil filter adapter, the egr stuff, boost bypass system...all the little things that people tend to miss. Some of these, like the bypass actuator, I highly recommend buying new from your favorite parts store. However, they don't always come with brackets. Here is fast look at what was on ebay this morning. This is not even close to a complete setup. If you decide to piece it together, get a shop level manual and make a parts list. There may be one on here somewhere. I like ebay, as you can see a picture of what you are getting and sometimes (see below) you get several pieces grouped together.

supercharger, pulley, inlet, and throttle body $380 obo


Intercooler hard lines $129


Intercooler $199


Intercooler brackets $180


Upper Pulley Bridge $200 obo


Lower pulley set $285


Lower intake $419 obo (NOS)


Timing cover $345 w/all bolts


vacuum lines egr sensors/bracket $175