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'somewhat new' member using a 97 Mark VIII for donor in AC Cobra


Hello everyone. I recently purchased a 97 Mark VIII LSC for around $500. It is complete and it does run. No forward gears in transmission. I haven't decided to use the 4r70w or go 5-speed.

Anyway, this will be going into an AC Cobra that my dad left me after he passed. We intended to finish but unfortunately it didn't happen. This will be an interested project. I will have a lot to read up on, especially with the wiring. My intentions are to use the factory harness and computer. I plan on using the fan that came with the car. No plans for ABS as this car will be built to be simple. 2014-12-20.jpg 2014-11-28.jpg


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Welcome to the party. The project sounds great. Yes, it will be a lot of work, but it will be worth every second you put into it. Keep us in the loop. :)


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Very cool, if you need any wiring help I did all of the wiring on my 86 mach 1 drivetrain swap. I'm getting an intellitronix create a dash system soon so it looks more stock and works properly. I kinda regretted not adding the abs, although I would want traction control to be off automatically at startup. Anyway, I hope to see how it turns out and keep us posted.