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Swapping 94 DOHC 4.6 into 64 Galaxie


Have the motor and harness installed on motor, now trying to figure out
the rest of the wiring, CCRM and VCRM and whats needed???


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Built up t45 i hope. That weight & motor are tough on t45s. My freinds have many broken parts out of them. Gears in the rear will help.


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I did this swap into my 63 Galaxie 4 door and stuck with the 4R70W. I had to build my own mounts, log headers and flipped the oil pan. I started on the wiring but had to sell it all due to military moving me too much.

Now I have the same setup in my 63 Fairlane. For the VCRM, you will not find a replacement so I'd suggest to you what everyone did for me and that's to use relays for each item. The fan 2 speed loss is the only downfall to that. I was told the VCRM goes out in one spot and you try to hunt the problem down and then when you do finally get to it, you can't get another. I ran a 75amp relay for the fan with an adjustable thermostat sensor and have relays for the fuel pump and the EEC. Pretty simple actually. FYI, wire a relay in for your headlights rather than pull their power through the factory 64 headlight switch. You'll be amazed at the difference.

Good luck with it. Wish I finished mine. Now I'm almost ready to fire the Fairlane. Keeping this one!


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I you do crunch the T45, a 3650 out of an 01-04 should be able to handle the weight and torque.