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Tach wiring and alternator wiring

keith robson

New Member
I am using a 2005 crown Vic 4.6 2v pi and have swapped back to edis 8 does the factory on the 83 Capri able to just plug into the tach output on the edis8 or does I need to step up the voltage signal as it would be on a the OEM Capri coil pack signal. Also the alternator is a three wire. I understand that one goes constant 12v + and one is not needed. But I need to hook up the other one to excite the alternator into charging. I thought I might be able to wiring it to the 12v+ but with a resistor inline. Any help would be great.


Well-Known Member
Staff member
Welcome to the party. I'm not a wiring guy, but there are plenty of them here, so hopefully someone will be able to answer. In the mean time, make yourself at home.