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Forsale TFI Module Relocation Remote kit for Fox body Mustang



This is a kit with anyone running the TFI Module on the distributor. I have made this kit because the heat generated by the engine makes the TFI's fail. Ford started putting in the remote mounted kits in 94-95 mustangs. If you are interested in the kit PM me. It list for $50.00 plus $5.35 for shipping ($8.45 for insurance and tracking #). I accept paypal transactions and personal check or money orders for an extra $2.00 for paypal. This kit includes a 9' twisted sheilded cable, connectors,heatshrink,very detailed instructions,and 3 patch wires to extend the factory harness. Why would you need this kit you say ? http://www.autosafety.org/ford-tfi-module-national-class-settlement. This kit will give you a peace of mind like nothing else. No more worries about getting stranded because your TFI module overheated!


very nice and thanks for posting...
Thanks! The kit and more pics can be accessed on our facebook page FatFoxx.com . I have more pictures to post up of other customers that have put this kit on their car. It is very inexpensive compared to all the other kits out there and as posted on our facebook page, we are not trying to get rich here we are only trying to help people with this ongoing problem. The illustrated instructions are an awesome example of how easy it is to do! Everyone that has purchased this kit is very pleased with their results!
Hello Ray,

Just wanted to let you know that I received Wednesday and have been taking my time doing the install. Truck is running and all I have to do to complete is close the harness. Everything worked great! Thanks for a great kit and I will be doing a "positive feedback"!

From a NC (former GA) boy -
Take care & Good Luck with your business!