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The Detail Zone

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Ok, we began the wiring up the car and would like to say that the this kit from The Detail Zone is awesome.
It beats trying to figure out all the wiring from this rats nest..:)

There are 23 individually wraped bags labeled from Bag #64 - Bag #83

The kit is so detailed that it can be installed by a non mechically incline person. Each individually wrapped bag comes with all connectors attached and all you have to do his connect it were it tell you and then to the TELORVEK Panel. (TELORVEK Panel image below)


Pictures of the Injectors connectors and TPS Sensor wired up.

Below is an example from the instruction booklet that comes with the kit.
[EXAMPLE: Bag #62 IGNITION CONTROL MODULE CONNECTION: The ICM requires some of the wires to be shilded from any electrical interference, that is why six of the wires in the connector are wrapped]

We found a location for the ICM and run all the wires

I will post more pics once completed...
Not open for further replies.