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Which 4.6?

I’m currently in the process of 4.6 swapping my 87’ GT. There is a lack of PI 4.6’s out of a mustang around here, but plenty of PI 4.6’s out of F150s, crown vics, town cars, etc. What would I need to swap out with one of these engines?
Obviously the flywheel, and intake manifold, but what else? I’ve read that the timing cover and oil pan might need to be swapped? Why would the timing cover need to be changed?


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Which transmission will you be using?
exhaust manifolds and egr can be different.
it’s hard to answer completely because there are small difference between the platforms
some of the trucks have a different oil filter adapter
I have an upper 01 GT intake tube if you need one, and exhaust manifolds from the same motor.

NPI block with PI heads and intake is a decent compression bump if you can’t find a complete PI engine