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A quick write up of my build start to finish (condensed)


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It always sucks when you end up disappointed in something that should have and could have been better


I guess the manufacturer figures there one of the few to make a harness so they can charge more than someone would expect.

What ECU did the harness utilize?


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The harness can use any 4V ecu. I think you can even use the 2V ECU's (check with others on the site). I had a cobra but I accidentally friend it. I run the Auto Mach 1 ECU now. Apparently its the fastest of the all. If they really makes a difference lol


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i use dunne rite performance for all my mod swaps they have been very helpful they make a very nice harness to get your mod up and running they can also program your computer to remove pats system,or even put a good tune on it .they can also turn the monitors off.i have used these guys for several jobs and swaps.this is a fast clean swap.and they will help you with any questions you may have.i will have my 95 cobra kb mammoth 03 terminator swap done soon will post pics.and info on parts used.
I have a Dunne-Rite harness, just no instructions with it. New in the box for 99-01 cobra. Any chance you still have the installation instructions?