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Its been years since I've been on a forum


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Stumbled across this when looking for an electrical pinout and like it enough I figured I join. Currently have two foxes an 87 fairly built T top car and an 88 notch basket case that I decided to 2v and turbo swap. Hope to have the 88 done by the end of the year if I can find time in between work and family. The end goal is to have another cruiser and semi-competitive street class car.

I've been working on the car in my spare time for about 5 months now. I bought it rough so most of that time has been spent replacing the roof due to an aftermarket sunroof and bodywork. I have already done the firewall plate and hyrdo boost conversion. The car will be running on Holley with an on3 kit and as of right now I plan to interior swap it. The dash is done and I am working on door cards.


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Welcome to the party. We've all been in the basket-case situation. Make yourself at home and put a build thread together