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Forsale Modular Swap Motor Mounts


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If anyone is interested, I can make motor mounts that offset the engine forward, so it will be in the proper location instead of notching the k-member or potentially modifying a new tubular k-member. The mounts still use the stock rubber, but are reinforced with urethane to slightly strengthen them. They will look better than the ones in the pictures as I was rushing to get those done, and I can paint/powder coat them a specific color if desired. You can check out my thread on how to make them here, and see a little more info.

I can modify your mounts if you send them to me for $60 plus shipping costs, or I can send you mounts that I already have for $120.
20170620_124714.jpg 20170620_124718.jpg 20151213_112748 (1).jpg 20151213_112734 (1).jpg