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MT-82 transmission in a coyote swapped fox

Will Daly

I have a picture of the original shift location in my ‘89 with the MT-82 trans in place. Towards the left of picture (front of car) you can see the actuator for transmission is almost under the hole. Most short shift kits are going to put the actual shifter well away from the hole in the fox. I don’t want to cut up my console if I don’t have to and would rather spend money on a different transmission (as last resort) than have the final product look...less than amazing.

Will Daly

Ok so my MT-82 trans is in...(still need to weld in my stifflers crossmember ). I have an AJE K-member and Moroso oil pan...problem is that my headers are hitting everything but the lottery!! Into my oil pan AND and K member/ motor mount...any suggestions before I cut my K member apart and try to do a motor plate!?!!


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Any news or pictures you could share of the MT82 install?