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Recommended gear?


New Member
Got my lincoln 4.6 + T45 running in the fox now and working on the rear end. What gear ratio do you recommend? Tires will be ~ 26.8" dia. I want it to be very streetable.

Currently I should be 2.73s and it definitely too low. I'm guessing 3.27 should be good, and I already have a 3.27 gearset I can swap in, but someone offered me a complete running 4.10 rearend and another with 4.56 and discs for a good price. I'm tempted, but worried it will be too much gear.



Well-Known Member
Staff member
The 4.10 is a good gear for the 4v/T45 combo. It is very streetable and gives you around 23-25 mpg on the hwy. 4.56s make 1st gear almost useless, and lower your mpg a lot. I haven't used 3.27s, so can't help you there. I have used 2.73s, but only with an automatic. I like the 4.10s for my personal use.


New Member
Cool, thanks. A gear ratio calculator tells me that 4.10's will give me 2514 RPM at 70MPH in 5th, which is about the same as I should be getting now at 70 in 4th with 2.73's. I'll drive that and see how it feels/sounds.